via Daily Prompt: Avid

As we grow up, we constantly are facing a set of values that the society believes describes a ‘cultured woman’. We are constantly told not to argue, to respect those older to us, to dress in a certain manner, to speak only in a certain way and ‘TO BEHAVE LIKE A WOMAN’. And the ones who are unwilling to do so are considered devoid of respect, culture, spoilt and egoistic.

Spoilt. Egoistic. Selfish. Uncultured.

These are some words I have often come across and I refuse to accept the thought behind it. How is personality measured on a scale of how obedient a woman is to the construct of society? It has become a superficial mask that everyone must wear to be accepted. After all, what does “behave like a woman” mean? I disagree that an envisioned personality has been set as a bar and every girl must be that.

So let me break loose from the chains that have bound me for so long. Let me make my own stories, let me make my own experiences, let me speak my mind and embrace by brazenness. Let me not lower my eyes or bow my head to anyone. Let me rewind and unlearn how I have been taught to function.  Let me shatter silence with the thousand dreams I carry. Let me break convention and not hide under a sheen of lies. Let me carry myself the way I want to and not how I ought to.

So here I stand.

Unapologetic and happy.


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