Too many fries and cake.

Too many fries and cake? Is that a thing?

Apparently, yes.

I would like to bring forth the issue of body image that several men and women suffer from. I have seen a lot of my girlfriends satisfy their voracious appetite with tiny portions of food or none at all because they are “on a diet”. Starving has become a cliched requisite of being “on a diet”. Β A lot of them are perfectly happy with who they are. So why do they feel the need of depriving themselves of something they love? Because, God forbid, you turn FAT!

FAT is an ugly word. So is DARK. SHORT. SKINNY. BALD. Why is there such negativity attached to these words? Why is it so offensive? When a big, fat check is welcome, why aren’t these adjectives welcome in our perception of beauty? Body image issues don’t stem from shape, size or color of people. It is a product of peer, social, cultural and familial values. It is a product of hundreds of magazines and TV shows giving us tips on “How to lose weight” or “How to get fairer skin in just 30 days”. It is deeply wrong that if I use the word “fat” or “dark” to describe someone, I am immediately shushed and reprimanded. Because I do not think that fat and dark are terrible adjectives; if you do, you are denying a huge part of the society the freedom to be comfortable in their skin.

I wish I could see an advertisement for clothing, accessories or beauty products which includes all kinds of men and women and not just those that hurt the self esteem of the better part of the crowd. I wish I could sit in a room and describe a short, dark person and not immediately receive judgmental looks. I wish people would realize the struggle that comes with having to deal with the pressure of low self esteem and stop body shaming.

Fat chance of that happening.

So to all the men and women out there struggling with body image issues, I encourage you to take a stance and not bow down to society’s illogical standards of what’s “hot” and what’s not. DO WHAT YOU LOVE.

Finish your damn fries.

The cupcakes featured above are baked by my lovely sister and they are delicious πŸ˜€



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