Chapter One.

via Daily Prompt: Temporary

All through my life (so far), I’ve always known what I have wanted. I have always had a clear-cut picture of how my adult life was going to turn out.

Every stage of life has its rite of passage. When I turned 18, I started my undergraduate course in architecture, something I am passionate about. I was a big girl! Going to college by myself, hanging out with friends after classes, honing skills that are going to help me shape my profession. I learnt how to deal with different mindsets and opinions. I learnt how to prioritize different things in life. I discovered my flaws and strengths.

Turning 21 was the first of many milestones of my life. Enter “adulthood”.

As I moved to a new city to pursue my internship, I was eager and excited. My first job in a big city. Little did I know what was in store on the other side of the door. So here I am, in my early twenties, confused and clueless.

The picture is different now. There are no bright and shiny plans. There is very little I am sure of about myself. The stress is relentless and I am in a constant conflict between following my passion and a structured lifestyle. I have become more aware of what “responsibility” truly means. Upon being surrounded by that as well as obligations, and the inner struggle to cope with the drastic turn that my life has taken, I try to find solace in the fact that I am one step closer to shaping my life to whatever I want it to be.

The rite of passage that marks its transition from youth to adulthood changes several things about your life because childhood and teen life is ritualized and structured, with adult supervision. But once you turn an adult, you are left on your own. You enter the unstructured and the unknown. It is just a lot of things flying about in the air and you trying to make sense of it.

So, to all my friends struggling to make sense of your life in the twenties –

1 – Nothing comes easy. Wherever you start, you start at the bottom. So, WORK HARD AND PERSEVERE.

2 – It’s all about the journey anyway, so make it worthwhile. PRIORITIZE the people, events and emotions in your life.

3 – Joy is in the little things. So enjoy your Sundays, read a great book, have a great meal and relish things you are passionate about.

These are tiny details that have kept me content with my venture into adulthood. Celebrate the cluelessness, it just means you can shape your life to be ANYTHING you want it to be!

Cheers! 🙂


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