DEAR AMMA (Mother),

I live away from you now and I don’t always call or text. Our conversations have receded and yet, you are still the person whose embrace makes me feel the safest. I may not say it or act like it often, but I am forever indebted to you for all the things that you have consciously or inadvertently taught me to be.

I have seen you take care of me and my sister all alone, when we lived in the “matchbox” house in Kharagpur, West Bengal and Achan (father) was posted elsewhere. I knew nothing about the struggle of  taking care of us and dealing with all of the trouble we have caused, all alone.

When I heard the story about how you have been raised, suffering the loss of both parents at a very young age, living with a different family and still excelling in what you did, I feel proud to have such a strong figure as the person who raised me.

When I was living in boarding, little did I know how much it broke your heart when I wouldn’t call and when I casually mentioned I skipped dinner or lunch and when I complained about how unhappy the place made me.

You and Achan have always given me the freedom to choose how I wanted my life to be – the people in it, the career I pursue, to travel alone, to stay out, to chose my clothes and so on. You have always trusted me to make the right decisions in life and never once tried to influence my judgement. That freedom has only made me more convicted about what I want and what I don’t from life.

Dear Amma,

You have made me fit to fight for what I believe in, to let go of things that are not for me, and to be the craftsman of my life. To take it all in my hand and paint the canvas of life with a confidence that I have seen you exude. To be passionate and compassionate. To be grateful and humble. To break tradition and to adapt. To persevere. To make my own choices and to be a good judge of my words and actions. Thank you for never trying to dictate upon me your experiences and letting me make my own.

Lots of love.

A late post with regard to Mother’s Day.



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