What happens when you stick through when all you want to do is quit.

“Evolve or disappear.”

I have heard this a lot of times and I always presumed it was as easy as those three little words. Little did I know that when hurdles are thrown at you as you tread forward in life, that’s where this holds true.

Five years ago, I joined an undergraduate course in architecture. And my only knowledge about the field was that you get to be creative and that it is a challenging affair. Challenging? Yes, perhaps. But all I wanted to do at the middle of course was quit because it was OVER-TAXING. The lack of inspiration, the multiple constrictions laid upon me took a toll on my mind and my enthusiasm. I had lost any interest I had in the subject, I had no will to go on and I was utterly dejected since I was unable to gain or give insight to the work assigned to me. Designing became less inspired and more of a mundane task. It was just a rush to meet deadlines and the requirements expected of me.

In the month of January, I ventured into my internship. Was I excited? NO. I was sure it would the same drudgery forced upon me but I could not quit.

And 6 months later, as my internship is ending, I realize how much joy I find in practicing architecture. I am just as keen and passionate as I was five years ago. I rekindled the passion I had for design and have developed a zest for learning that I had lost somewhere along the way. When a task is assigned to me, I see not a burden but a chance to unlearn and re-learn. I enjoyed the responsibility I have had and the credibility that I have developed. I found ways to deal with my negative emotions and people, I discovered the vast sea of possibilities I have within myself.

When I stuck through, I EVOLVED. I discovered my strengths and weaknesses and how to play by my strengths. I became tactful, patient and more accepting. Most of all, I felt valuable and at peace. This is not the first or the last time I will feel empty and hopeless. But I know the next time, it will not take a piece of me. I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I had given up and left. And I know this person is here to stay.

So to all the people out there who feel consumed by the monotony and hopelessness, stay strong and go on! Better things are on their way.

Featured above is a doodle by me 😀



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