A different world.

I grew up with three meals a day, a warm, cozy bed, a healthy home, surrounded by friends and family. Evenings were dedicated to playing hopscotch with my sister, bicycle races in the street and other games invented with the neighborhood kids. Summer vacations meant getaways with the family, exploring new cities and cultures. School…… Continue reading A different world.

Not so vibrant.

Heat. Scorching heat. Dozens of pairs of eyes staring me down. And the stench of sweat and impatience. Feet shifting, tongues clicking,  vendors shouting, babies wailing.. Ever traveled in the unreserved coach of the Indian railways? The Indian film industry has successfully portrayed a young woman, carefree and courageous, stepping into an unreserved coach of…… Continue reading Not so vibrant.

All the freedom I got and what I did with it.

I hail from a middle-class conservative family in India. My parents are simple, work government jobs and probably have done everything right by God and society. Which must be why they are successful and respected. They have come through a lot of hardships, lived in strange new cities, learnt to cope with different cultures and…… Continue reading All the freedom I got and what I did with it.